Stuck with the retired Laboratory machine

I am a newbie to HTB , am stuck with the Laboratory machine for 2 days now. Network is up, I am able to ping the target machine from my Linux machine (connected to HTB attack box via VPN) . I am facing following issues and tried the below:

  1. I can not access the [] . htb website , I added the target host and target IP address[HTB Machine] entry to the /etc/hosts file on my Linux machine, still can not access the [ ] . htb website.

  2. nslookup is also unable to resolve the target IP address got following error:** server can’t find [*] . htb: NXDOMAIN

  3. Checked There is no firewall rule that may block the connection

  4. I tried to ping via telnet service to the target machine IP addresses[HTB machine], no error

Any help regarding the resolution is welcome. Thanks in advance!