Starting Point: Can't seem to find host


Freshly started with this platform, I am reading and following the steps on the “Starting Point” machine. However, once I’m connected to the HTB network (tun0 interface up and running, getting IP from a ParrotOS VM, I’m not able to find the target machine, by neither netdiscover -r nor nmap -sL

I’ve searched the web and this forum, and the advice I found was ‘make sure you’re connected to the HTB network’, which is fair enough, but I am, as far as I can tell.

What would you do?


The starting point instructions tell you the exact IP address to attack (for the first one, its So you don’t need to scan an entire subnet to find it, and you’re scanning the wrong subnet anyway as the HTB servers are on 10.10.10.x (not 10.10.14.x or 10.10.15.x which is what you’re scanning with

The same is true for all of the machines on HTB, not just starting point. They tell you the IP address of the machine, so you never need to do a scan.

Ah, thanks! In the end I did scan the precise IP. Now I’m stuck somewhere else, but I’ll try to figure it out before coming back for help.