[REVERSING] Nostalgia

Really interesting challenge so far, very different from anything I’ve done before. Making (very) slow progress.

I just solved it in an unintended way using NO$BA debugger on windows, now I’m trying to understand the right way to solve if someone want to discuss it can PM me

What a nice and interesting challenge! Great work @goodv1bes & @fakemessiah

It’s the perfect excuse to practice some ARM assembly and while you’re at it might as well toss Metal slug or some final fantasy into the emulator. Glad you like it people, hopefully there will be more soon!

Hi there, really nice challenge!

I do love retro-gaming and reversing, and mixing the two is amazing XD. Solved it using r2 + a debugger. Reading a lot about GBA development and assembly, to understand where to start looking for in the assembly (such as the map address whre the INPUT is and so on).

The rest: pure ARM.

Keep them coming @goodv1bes!

Very useful GBA technical info Open Game Boy Documentation Project | gbdoc