[Reversing] Nostalgia

Hi all, very good Challenge :slight_smile:

Any resolve this yet?

My advise is to use an emulator with a built in debugger. I used mGBA. If emulator does not work check that you have opengl installed and check video settings in the emulator. I spent ages before the emulator started to work as expected.

EDIT: no$gba debugger appears to be alright as well

EDIT2: tried GitHub - SiD3W4y/GhidraGBA: GBA ROM loader for ghidra plugin for ghidra, it works alright

I just solved it in an unintended way using NO$BA debugger on windows, now I’m trying to understand the right way to solve if someone want to discuss it can PM me

:slight_smile: thanks dudes, it’s works

Hi guys, if you’re interested or like to reverse more GBA ROMs. I tried to write a Ghidra loader which additionally parses the header structure of GBA ROM files. :slight_smile:

hi all;
as you advised, i have tried:


as emulators.
And tried both IDA Pro and Ghidra with the given loaders above. The only thing that i have come so far is the video memory address of the letters that printing on!

When you press one of the buttons of the console -like a or b- it prints itself on screen. My question is; do i need to find the “right sequence of buttons” then press enter to get the flag??? Am i right or i am missing something?

Thank you =)

hello guys again
any hint/help will welcome
i really stuck on this!

Ok finally pwned

ghidra loader is better then the ida pro loader