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I need a helping hand on this one. I used a**r and am pretty much sure there are no other console options except for the ones clearly present in the disassembly. “Getting warmer” doesn’t give me any helpful clues. If I make it go another way at “getting warmer”, I can’t find any suitable cheat codes (again, using a****r). And ROMs produced - I simply can’t interpret them anyhow, I tried a couple of ROMs for “if you say so…”, and “Getting warmer” - looks like complete garbage for a couple of emulators I tried.

Hello there, this challenge is not meant to be solved using a**r , although of course may be a way to do it. Try to reverse the code and understand what it does…

Hope you are enjoying the challenge so far! Try harder and good luck!

Hello! I didn’t found out correct console name, but I bypassed its check, also I have cheatcode and ROM. I suppose ROM is correct. But I cannot run it, I spent more time on it, then on reversing, which emulator should I use?

If I post sha256 of the ROM, will it be considered as a big hint?

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Please, do not post anything on the forum. You can DM and I can tell you if you have the right ROM (you probably have :grinning:)

Hi everyone, for those of you trying to brute-force the first part of the challenge, bear in mind that this is NOT the intended way, and you will probably have a very hard time in doing so. The challenge belongs to the “reversing” category, so this is what you are supposed to do: to reverse the binary, understand what its code does, and recover what needs to be recovered by pure analysis.

Good luck everyone, and many thanks for playing my challenge!

Hi, I’m completely stuck with this challenge.

I think i have all the correct data and I’m able to get a ROM but I’m not able to run it in any of the emulators I’ve tried.

I need a sanity check on what I’m doing. Can anybody give me a hand?

Sure! Feel free to DM and send me the md5 hash of your extracted ROM.

Dude did you managed to solve this challenge? Because i am in the exact same spot as you were and i do not know what to do.

For all of you struggling with the challenge, remember that extracting the right rom is key. After that, there are enough things on the ELF binary you can use to determine which system the ROM is for. And if nothing seems to work correctly, have a look behind the scenes… There are at least two different ways of solving the second part of the challenge. Feel free to DM if you have further questions (of course, no spoilers will be given!), and thanks a lot for playing my challenge!

In less than three days the challenge will be retired. So if you still want to play it, you still have time! For those still struggling with it, if you need some help (no spoilers, mind me!) feel free to DM.