[Reversing] Impossible Password

Dedicated to everybody that, like me, have problems to solve This reversing task.

I do found the first key, but my debugging skills are still limited and I could not figure out what to do to find the next password (that I supose to be the flag)

Already tryed IDA,gdb and Radare2, still studying the tools but no progress yet.

Could you guys that already solve this challenge please help me!

Thanks a lot!

Man, i am stuck on this challenge for more than a week now…
When i try with gdb it throws me error, with IDA it i can only see the hex and the function but cant debug it, with radare2 i am able to see it, but the problem now is that, when i run radare2 without debug i can see the main function, but when i run it with -d it doesnt show me the main function.
also running dc throws error: Syntax error: “(” unexpected

i am running radare2 from kali vm x86

any help or hint, what i am doing wrong here

gdb and edb gives me format error

I finish this challenge, It is a matter of put the break in the right point and change EIP to change the flow!!.
Tell me if you need more hints! :slight_smile:

which tool did u use bro

gdb and radare2

I did use gdb and radare to understand the memory address where I can jump my pointer. but every time I get segmentation error. can some one please nudge me?

it is sad to get segmentation error. I guess you jumped wrong pointer.
After you find correct address and use wa correctly no segmentation error occurs.

Finally resolve it. It was a good challenge and learnt quite a bit about rdare2. The only point I was missing was outcome of "“cmp” function. just needed to redirect the flow :wink:

Could you @tabacci @mendedsiren63 guys help me please? I’m still lost. Everything I did dont work! :frowning:

@viralata you’ll have to understand jump instructions of the flow and then jump to the correct address. PM me if you need more help.

Yikes that took a solid 30 seconds to bypass

Is there any way for the devs to protect against a jump like that when writing their code?