Help, Impossible Password

I hope this forum post goes over well enough, I had signed up about a week ago and I thought “Hey I’ll jump right into the disassembly challenges, I’ve always wanted to get better at this!”

I went for the second easiest (according to score received) and have been angry for 5 days or so now, haha.

It does weird things on the second ‘stage’, and someone else had pointed out that the password is indeed impossible. At this point I’m totally lost as to what I’m even looking for… Could anyone who’s finished this give me a nudge in the correct direction? Not asking for a solution of course, just a hint.

Thanks for reading.

One hour directly after I posted this, I figured it out. I was just thinking too hard, but man if this didn’t give me a crash course in radare2. Awesome toolkit.

you can use IDA debugger