Impossible_password reversing challenge

Hi community,

I’m in the process of learning and have been making good strides, or so I think. This is the first program I’ve tried to reverse, and I’ve hit a wall. Since I’ve never reversed anything I’m not sure if I’m focusing on the wrong aspect of the program, or maybe I’m cutting corners on the parts that I shouldn’t be.

What I think I know so far is…I have the first part of the challenge but I’m having a hard time filling in the middle portion that leads to the output.

It would be really appreciated if someone could message me(so that I don’t spoil anything for other people like me), and I could send you the steps I’ve taken and what data I have so far. Then maybe you could point me towards a next step or let me know that if completely off base.


I am just very close to the solution.

There is a long time ahead of me to decode the record.
I can give you a hint. Find the dissassembler that will help you learn about the structure of this program and turn it around. “Binary Ninja” from Vector 35 or “IDA” from the Hex-Rays group.

I’ve helped IDA freeware.

Good luck!