Problems with Web Requests in Academy

I’m having a problem in the web requests module – when I try to connect to the target with burp on it gives me an error. I can connect without issue without it, yet in the examples, they were able to connect to the server by simply turning their burp on and making zero changes.

What’s the error?

I cannot load the target while using burp, even though I need it to get the answers. It simply does not load with the burp proxy turned on, even though doing so on the web address given is part of the curriculum.

So, to help, people need to understand what you are seeing.

When you say you cannot load the target it could be:

  • network connection is down
  • typo in URL
  • incorrect IP address
  • broken software
  • broken server
  • invalid certs
  • etc

All will result in different output on your system. You can see this, we cant.

When you say the target wont load - is that in the browser? In burp intercept? in something else? What does “wont load” look like? Is that a 404 error? A 500 error? A certificate mismatch error? or something else.

The more information you provide, the more people can help you. If you dont provide any detail, you wont get sensible answers.

It simply will not load in my browser. I try to enter the URL with the burp proxy activated and it is stuck loading. Without the proxy on, there is no issue. The address is correct, as it loads without the proxy being on. It may be a problem with my software, but that seemed to have picked up the initial HTTP response just fine.

So to check.

  • Burp proxy is running
  • The browser is configured to use burp on the right IP / Port
  • Does this happen when you access other websites?

If you leave it, when it times out, what message does it display? Is it a “site cant be found” message or a burp message saying the site isn’t responding?

It sounds like your browser is making a request and the burp proxy isn’t responding or isn’t allowing the request to complete (burp intercept does this)

It seems to just be permanently loading, however, I do remember early I was getting a burp response.

Ok, so chances are good that burp isn’t responding. Check how you have it set up. Check burp intercept isn’t blocking requests.

What should I look out for? Not sure what to look for that may be blocking requests.

@m0rtyy said:

What should I look out for? Not sure what to look for that may be blocking requests.

It depends on how you have it configured.

Check how you are using burp. Check you have configured the browser proxy settings. Check the intercept tab in Burp to see if it is holding anything back. Etc.

I think I fixed the problem. I changed the port from 80 to 443 and now it seems to be working.

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Having the same issue, how do I change the port ?

This was driving me insane…How did you figure this out?

Hello friend
burp need you setting up a proxy config on your browser and if it is firefox you need to download a certificate. but i was able to intercept using the preconf chrome browser inside burp (nobody tells about it but is on “proxy” “intercept” “open browser”)

this youtube channel have nice tutorials:

keep calm and the bugs are everywhere!