Help please with Burp proxy :(

Hi i am new here :slight_smile: , i am doing the Bug Bouty Hunter Path, i am in module Using Web Proxies, Section - Proxie Tools.

My task is "Try running ‘auxiliary/scanner/http/http_put’ in Metasploit on any website, while routing the traffic through Burp. Once you view the requests sent, what is the last line in the request? "

i have the deafult burp proxie configuration http 8080
but it seen to only show me the web-browser requests.

if i do a nmap --proxies “target”
burp dosent showme the requests in burp-intercept
“I know i have to use proxiechains with msfsconsole, but i am not been able to see requets on burp-proxy , other than web-requests”

what i am doing wrong ?

also these is the same exact situation :S