Academy - Issue with Proxying Tools


I do the “Using Web Proxies” module in HTB Academy.
I am completely stuck with “Proxying Tools”.

What we want to do here is to route all web requests made by specific tool through web proxy tools.
I use Burp on and ZAP on

By exemple, if I try to use nmap, I have the response of nmap, but nothing on Burp.

So what to do ? What I have missed ?

Thank you for your help.

Same problem here. Did you manage to solve this issue?

Hey there! I had a similar issue once. Here are some tips for you:1. Double-check Proxy Settings: Make sure your proxy settings in both Burp and ZAP are correctly configured to intercept traffic.2. Restart Tools: Sometimes, simply restarting the proxy tools can resolve connectivity issues.3. Firewall or Antivirus: Check if your firewall or antivirus software is blocking the communication between the tools and the internet.4. Tool Compatibility: Ensure that the version of the tool you’re using is compatible with your system and other tools. By the way, can you guys advise me on a good mobile proxy? I need one for work. I’ll be grateful for your recommendations!

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