Problems to get Wordpress-Website (Assessment-Center)

Hello Hack-the-Box community,

I am currently stuck in the Hacking Academy at the Assesment Centre of “Hacking-Wordpress”. My problem is not the hacking itself, but I just can’t get a connection to the domain either via the browser or with Curl. After I have spawned the target IP, I should actually be able to connect by editing /etc/hosts/ with the following:

Target-IP inlanefreight.local
Target-IP blog.inlanefreight.local

I can reach a wordpress target page, but I don’t get a connection. When I connect via the target IP, I get a connection, but the target website is not a wordpress website.

In order to reach my bug bounty hunter module at some point, I need this module to complete. Can anyone help me? Is the module maybe bugged?

Thanks and greetings

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