HTB Academy - Hacking wordpress, Skills Assessment

I create the machine target to try to finish wordpress skill assigment, but the host dont run a wordpress site. Someone can help me ?

Its not obvious, but its there. The “Main” site is not running wordpress, if you catch my drift.

is there any another tip, should i search in source code like ?

Have you clicked around the website? Try viewing each of the pages. Specifically look at the links, you will need to edit the hosts file at some point.

Think of what most people/companies actually use wordpress for! Keep looking. If you are still stuck DM me.

Enumeration is the key

I got it in the last week.

I dont know why should i use hosts file to find the wordpress website if the challenge dont teach that. It wasn’t said any time in this lesson.

Some lessons like that need more explications.

What does adding to the host file mean?

There is no DNS resolve for WordPress server :slight_smile:
You have to add this into /etc/hosts file to have some IP address assigned it to

Sorry for the bump but this part of the module is poorly executed, so I think the solution ought to be explicitly stated so others don’t waste their time.

You have to edit your /etc/hosts file and add blog.inlanefreight.local

This is not mentioned anywhere else in the module that I can r,ecall and I distinctly remember the majority of this module being SO beginner-friendly that throwing in this esoteric curveball during the skill assessment is a major mistake in an otherwise well-crafted module.