Hacking Wordpress Skills Assessment - Wordpress

Ugh! These questions are killing me. I thought I had an okay grasp of the concepts being taught but this assessment is making me feel like such a noob.

The seemingly simple question that I’ve spent way too many hours on is asking me to identify the directory with directory listing enabled. I found the directory thanks to the wpscan but I can’t get the page to resolve. I can access /css and /images and /fonts but the particular directory wpscan shows just won’t work.

On top of that, i got erika’s password but can’t get Metasploit to grant me reverse shell access. Yes, i set the vhost but left the lhost as the default option.

Please help

I searched and searched and i’m out of ideas

are you able to solve it and provide hint to me

is it a domain name or an ip address you try to access? If it’s a domain: did you write it into the /etc/hosts file?