HTB Academy - Nibbles Initial Foothold - Reverse shell not working

In this chapter you have to upload php file with reverse shell command. I upload the file, visit the page(or curl it), but reverse shell does not work. Ip and port is written correctly in the command and I am listening on the same port. When i upload the file with other commands like “ls” it works. Can anyone help?

I’m having the same issue. My Netcat says its listening on Is that the issue?

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I’m having the same problem.
netcat listening on
visiting the page( or if I curl, I always get a blank page. I have started over numerous times. The only thing that I got to upload was the test php code and that was only once. It’s probably something i am doing wrong, but i would be interested to know if it wasn’t. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Okay, the way I solved it was I reset the target, download new vpn us-academy-1 with tcp 443, and listened on 443 port with nc for reverse shell. And this seems to be working. BUT in the next chapter - privilege escalation, I can not download a file on target machine with http server, and I can not create a new reverse shell through the vulnerable file. As far as the reading material says, I am configuring everything correctly, but it just does now work. This is really frustrating.

hmm, mine says: listening on [any] 443 …

I’m having the same issue. Obviously I’m a total noob (that’s why I’m taking the fundamentals class) so I assume I’m the one doing something wrong, but I’d really like to know what exactly it is. I’ve spent a few days working on this one thing, and I’m kind of ready to move on.