Starting Point: Oopsie machine - reverse shell problem

I use Kali and took reverse shell from /usr/share/webshells/php/php-reverse-shell.php, changed ip, left port 1234, it was successfully uploaded as test.php. I ran nc -lvnp 1234 but as I ran curl I’m getting just "not found’ and nothing on nc… Don’t understfnd what’s wrong.

upd: I uploaded it again and one time it was like “WARNING: Failed to daemonise. This is quite common and not fatal.
Connection refused (111)”, so it saw the shell, I tried to reproduce and “not found” again… anyway got nothing on nc.

Ah, I solve it… Idiotic mistake - put server ip in reverse shell

can you elaborate? what did you change ip to the first time? same problem put my ip address on vlan in php reverse shell script. and nada. :frowning:

Figured it out was actually more of a problem of troubleshooting the vpn for me. try restarting vpn.