NetCat Not Establishing Reverse Shell -- StartingPoint Machine Oopsie

After 3 hours trying to solve this problem, I will finally ask for help. I have read every post for the Oopsie machine on this forum, as well as other forums like Reddit–and still have not found a solution.

After uploading a php reverse shell file I attempt to generate the reverse shell but am unsuccessful. I have used my non-VPN IP address, my private VPN IP, public VPN IP and proxy server IP across a variety of ports to no avail. My firewall is set to inactive.

Some posts have suggested using a name for the “Brand Name” form field, but that does not help.

I have tried to access the uploads/ while NC is listening through both a browser and using the curl command.

I am not sure what else I can try. I have received the various “Failed to daemonise” messages from these attempts as well; i.e. “connection timed out”, “connection terminated”, 404 error, etc.

Let me know if more information is needed to help find a solution. Thanks.