Getting Started - Nibbles - Initial Foothold

Hi guys,
I have problems with the guied Nibbles machine. When I try to make the rce connection with the reverse shell; I don’t succeed with the connection but it doesn’t give me any error.

I share screenshots.



EDIT: I try it also with metasploit but gives me this error.

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It could be that nc is not installed on the target host. Maybe try starting with a simple php shell? Something like:

<?php system($_GET['cmd']); ?>

Then do some system enumeration and try to get a better shell. If the above does not work, something is wrong with your payload delivery.

Oooh okay. I assume that nc was installed because it’s a guided machine.
I will try with another shells payloads.

hi, have you solved this problem? The problem I encountered is the same as yours, and i have tried many methods but still have no idea . :sob:

hey,I found the reason! my ip number is wrong. I used the academic workstation.When i use ‘ifconfig’ ,it show the ip which is cant be connected! The right listen ip is just on the bash window.(nooo) I hope it can help anyone else to save hours!!! :melting_face: :joy: