Pen Test Lessons

Looking for someone who is well qualified to teach me some of the basic to advanced theories in exchange for a payment via PayPal or something else. I’d love to use some of the challenges and machines as examples. No, I do not want you to give me the answer. Rather I’m hoping we can talk over Discord and do some screen sharing. I sincerely want to learn and feel like this platform and going through the machines and challenges are a great way to learn.

PM me if you’re interested or me on Discord: publicist#2956


feel free to paypal me for that

@bulbafett :joy:

+1 for the ippsec videos on youtube, get yourself a vip subscription and work through the old machines with the videos. People here are helpful - if you get stuck on a machine, ask for some help

Yeah the ipsec videos I’ve seen are pretty good. I like the idea of just doing VIP and working through old machines. TY ianpbsec.

The whole sensei bit is super cringy so I’m expecting you are younger… This community is really cool and will help with issues but the honest truth is nobody will hold your hand. Wanting someone to train you is a waste of time and money. You have to put in the time to learn … That means lots of reading man pages and understanding how things work. I can tell you to run nmap but you aren’t learning anything beyond how I approach this one target. Not the how why and when you should use these things. That comes from experience. Tackle the retired machines try to work them as far as you can without looking at resources or writeups and only use them for little nudges when you are completely out of ideas. Thats a great way to learn

Haha I wish I was younger. No, on that bit I use Gamer Sensei for lessons from pros for strategy with games like Hearthstone and Starcraft 2. LOL Agreed though. I’ll try not to give away my age too easily, but it’s over 30 :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m already signed up for one of OffSec’s courses, but the capture the flag “style” is just different for me. No holding hands wanted.

I appreciate that. 2 votes for VIP and hitting up retired machines.