Has anyone tried PenTesterAcademy?

Hey has anyone here given pentester academy a go? I’m thinking about signing up so that I can learn whilst I am playing around with the retired machines.

I have learnt a lot since watching IPPSecs videos and trying the retired machines but I think I may have a better time if I have some structured learning to follow to get a deeper understanding each individual topic, not just how a pro (IPPSec) puts them into play.

Has anyone tried this approach before?

Also, sorry for the bulk questions I have been posting but my mind runs a million miles an hour thinking about all this stuff.

For myself, I read some books and have some more to read.
I subscribe Pentester Academy, and soon I will finish the "Web App PenTesting.”
I play a bit with attackdefense.com (bundle with Pentester academy) too.
And I start playing with retired machine here, since the easy one are already hard for me :).
But it’s a long way :slight_smile: so I take my time !
Well, to answer, PTA is very cool but a bit old.
But there is a lot of valuable info, and knowing old methods can always be useful.
Hope this help

I have been subscribed for around 6 months, and have finished around 7 courses.

They have courses that you won’t find anywhere else, at a very reasonable price.

Most of the courses are excellent, especially those by Vivek.