New course eLearn WAPTX v2 reviews ?


Is anyone here following the new version of eLearn’s WebApp pentesting certification ?

There’s a discount for a few more days as it’s a new course and i’m considering purchasing it.

Syllabus visible on this link here seems interesting, with SSO, Cloud and LDAP.

looks good, were is the coupon ? hehehe

Anyone else recommend those courses? Has anyone taken them? What can you tell us about your experience?

I took the PTP to try to move into infosec from a more general IT/devops background, and i was satisfied. The labs concept are interesting they have multiple machines and allow to practice many scenarios that you will never encounter on singlebox situations like HTB or Vulnhub.

The WAPTXv1 didnt seem worth the price as most of it is covered online with free resources for anyone with infosec culture… but the version 2 has topics like SSO, AWS scenarios, etc, so im quite tempted to take it. Will probably decide this week.

Excelent review, I was reading about the course and materials, some people say to materials are too old and just a few are updated, Im trying Virtual Hack Labs, and appear to be easy in the beggining I still at the middle of course, so at the finish I consider omit my review about it.

WAPTXv2 is a new course so it should be new/updated, so I guess that in your last comment are talking about WAPTXv1.
If you dont have a background regarding web pentesting maybe is better to take this course that contains pdf/videos and appears complete and following a guideline and not “random” videos on youtube talking about XSS.
I will decide this week too if I will take it :smile:
Of course, if finally we take the course we can keep in contact.

Yesterday I reach this in trial,

XDS v1Exploit Development Student

Im currently review the information because last update of that couse was on Jan 2019.

Looks good, maybe this come to my basket :smile:

Right now you can get 20% OFF using JAN-WPT or WPX-D4A (WAPTX)

@squid22 have you tried any other elearning website that you can recommend?

@Str0ng3erG3ek My biggest recommendation is Safari Books Online. Basically you get access to books and training cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, Python, Hacking, Bash, Docker, Ansible… anything you want, you can find it there… now they even have labs where you can try the code from the books.

I have

If someone has bought the course now, share your comments please :smiley:

So, I bought the course,

the material looks quite manageable and seems to be good, I will continue with the course and in the end I give my review, my other acquisition was the XDS, so I have a lot of material to review.

thanks for sharing your comments

And i got WAPTXv2 :slight_smile:

Is it worth to WAPT before WAPTx since they cover 70% of WAPT content in WAPTx ??