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Please can I Dm as well? I’m stuck

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I was trying this. What method did you eventually use?

It was where I spent many time then realize that you can simply try to examine the download file I mean the output, then find some juicy info that can help you to find vulnerability

If anyone needs a hint - DM me :slight_smile:

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You mean when the upload is rendered? Cos there’s technically no download

no i mean after without intercept the trafic the pdf itself.
you will find juicy info at the bottom of it. examine the pdf in your terminal

Then found something that you can use for some vulnerability

Rooted, this machine was actually really fun but also somewhat difficult. Learned a lot, thank you. Feel free to DM with any questions.


oh after struggled a lot lot on master necessary tools now root it : very hapy.
Fun box .

thanks i have learnt again

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Its open, destroy and burn it.

The user path was pretty straightforward, after gaining access, I found helpful tools already built-in, used 2 CVE’s with few tools to crack p***:slight_smile:

Once again the day was saved by some stranger that took their time to answer a question in a forum 11 years ago.


Pwned it:) if you need any hints feel free to PM me

how it can be. anyone can help?

I’m on the literal last step and cannot get the runas to allow me to enter creds. Any advise or suggestions?

Where exactly ru trying to run it? please share more info so I can help

Just rooted. Some hints and tips:

User/foothold: Its simpler than I thought but author did a good job in hiding the details in the spreadsheet. Look closely and you will be able to connect the dots. Once connected, look for possible vulnerabilities that can give you a shell.
Root: Looks closely on what are the network services running. Once you find it, find a way to access it and launch an exploit tool that is forbidden in OSCP to pop a shell. Lastly, don’t bother asking John for the password as he may never tell you that. Instead, find the easier and lazy route. :smiley: