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i found multiple creds unfortunately i didn’t find where to use them

i found where to use one but not in a direct approach thought

hi guy please any hint for your approch?

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DAMM Almost made to the first 100! So close!

Fun box though!


any hints on root ?

what did you find until now ?

the r******** domain and some 3 users cred

one of the creds is good for the r*** just try to use other username combinations

yes guy i have found , i’m try try to upload an image for shell is it a good way?


any hint for administrator?

Any hints on admin? got o******e creds and shell with it, but can’t find a way further

go more with nmap you will find a port then use that port for agresssive scan

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no bud msg me on telegram - @Mr_W40X

Search in the o******e files and you will find your key :slight_smile:

Anyone i can DM for a hint on foothold?

Sure, DM me.

Hello. Anyone got a hint for enumeration? Lol, either I’m dumb, or my tools don’t work as intended. Leaning towards the first.

Hey, DM I’ll try to help :slight_smile: