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Official discussion thread for Sau. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

A shop basket, hmmm…


My processors cannot calculate how the machine’s name relates to any theme :confounded:

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in love with the fact that this box is just named after the creator

get that bread/rep sau


The only connection I see with the machine name is the creator. What makes me think is the avatar…

The basket


Can someone help me with the RCE?

■■■■ :rofl:


Pentest GPT

“Hey Alexa”

seriously man look at top 25 section 11 min :slight_smile:

The machine is really easy :slight_smile: Some hints:
User: check out the web app and look how to access that what was not accessible at first.
Root: get a good shell access first, after that exploitation is trivial


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I dont find anything but i found some docs on an exploit but i am lost in the sauce rn xD

i found an poc and everything worked what is poc but can’t seem to understand what to do next


I’m in the same boat. Still trying to figure out how to leverage the exploit properly. Got some results though, so it’s a start.


Same here, I see the attack vector but still looking for the payload

The exploit gives me the shell to my computer, I guess it’s because of the zsh, but still in bash it doesn’t work.