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Any clue ? Basic Knowledge required? I mean, I find what i want, but, not sure what to do with it

I found flag, but it is not accepted and it is not 100% compatible with flag format ( contains some additional spaces). I tried to modify it a little bit to match flag format but no success.

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I finally got it, manipulation is pretty simple.

Knowledge you will need to learn, i mean you will learn during that challenge.

Where and how lockscreen password are stored in android.
Recognize hashes and crack them.
Extract a android back up file.
Find how and where backup encrypted file are stored for the specific app.

If you have any question feel free to dm !


Nice challenge, thanks @Onibi and @aris for their helps about cracking tool :slight_smile:

Nice challenge, thanks InFeRnOo !

nice challenge! message if you need help

I have the same situation as keeper772. Don’t know what I must do with it.