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Official discussion thread for TrueSecrets. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

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I feel it’s to early to ask for help but curious. Is this doable with Linux alone? Spent a few sifting but…

i think it is , i just got the piece of information they are asking for and i was on linux all the way. although im trying to wrap my head around the last part :smile:

Thanks :blush:
I’ve too much information in front off me. I keep getting drawn to a file but can’t put the dots together yet. Got to admit it feels hard for me (new to forensics) but gotta jump in somewhere. A

Fun Challenge, thanks a lot!

Completed this on Windows, all tools needed are available in portable version or online, no installs needed

Awesome challenge :boom:. Managed to get it done. I Learnt a valuable bunch of lessons on this. Completed all on Linux. Totally overthought as I’d never tried this before. . Just think simple it is all in front of you.
If you need a nudge just drop a message.

Hi. I really need a hint. I was able to get the archive and extract from it .tc file. Am I on the right track?
I can’t figure out how to open it in Linux.
It looks like TrueCrypt, but I’ve never worked with it, is it possible to open it somehow?

You’ve pretty much solved it. I had not worked with it either a quick read and it all fell into place. Your on track :slight_smile:

Completed. I found the .tc file very quickly and opened it for a very long time.
Unfortunately, no one could suggest a utility for Linux with this can be done. If someone has any difficulties opening the file, write to me in the PM.