Official TrueSecrets Discussion

Official discussion thread for TrueSecrets. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

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If you need help you can DM me on Discord: mathysEthical#1861

I feel it’s to early to ask for help but curious. Is this doable with Linux alone? Spent a few sifting but…

i think it is , i just got the piece of information they are asking for and i was on linux all the way. although im trying to wrap my head around the last part :smile:

Thanks :blush:
I’ve too much information in front off me. I keep getting drawn to a file but can’t put the dots together yet. Got to admit it feels hard for me (new to forensics) but gotta jump in somewhere. A

Fun Challenge, thanks a lot!

Completed this on Windows, all tools needed are available in portable version or online, no installs needed

Awesome challenge :boom:. Managed to get it done. I Learnt a valuable bunch of lessons on this. Completed all on Linux. Totally overthought as I’d never tried this before. . Just think simple it is all in front of you.
If you need a nudge just drop a message.

Hi. I really need a hint. I was able to get the archive and extract from it .tc file. Am I on the right track?
I can’t figure out how to open it in Linux.
It looks like TrueCrypt, but I’ve never worked with it, is it possible to open it somehow?

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You’ve pretty much solved it. I had not worked with it either a quick read and it all fell into place. Your on track :slight_smile:

The utility on Linux is the software for the file. Just install and open. All doable with *nix.
What was the problem for you opening it on *nix systems?


Do we need to Bruteforce the TC file ?
Or is there an other way to find the Key/password ? :wink:

No brute force needed. There’s another way that’s well documented and not “tricky” too find.

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I opened the file with binwalk and I see all the different file types but I’m not sure where to go from there

Hello.I think I’m in the final stage but still cannot figure it out. Can I DM you for a little help?

Python2 is still your friend.

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Yes I spent times with Python2 for the flag :wink:

Hello any one can give me a hint for the .tc file password please ?

Umm a general hint I can say is to think realistically on what was actually happening, also its not wrong if you check the command that were issued to know what was happening around the time they raided his house.

any help, i got the tc file but can’t manipulate it.
Thanks in advance.

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