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Hey , at last i found the problem ! Maybe are you using oracle virtualbox like me , there is an option to disable host time sync with the vm .
Try this :
Just stop the vm before , do that and it works for me !

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Thanks a lot!! it worked :+1: :+1:

Can I get hints of this machine, please DM me

At anytime you wish :heart:

Alright I’m lost for initial foothold. So as far as I can gather, I need to capture an NTLM hash to crack, but every method i can find requires a user on the target system to interact and send a request to me. Am I on the wrong path here? I have a couple usernames at this point but that is all.

edit: Ok I missed a big step with finding the pdf.

check the responder

i have kali on my main machine , i also update the ntp but even it give me error

Could someone DM me for assistance?

You need stop timedatectl ntp synchronized, and use ntpdate.

timedatectl set-ntp 0
sudo ntpdate

If someone have problem with Clock skew too great on kali, you need to stop timedatectl synchronized and synchronize time with ntpdate.
For example:

timedatectl set-ntp 0
sudo ntpdate <target ip>

please can you give me some hints or advice. I have got sql_svc account, try to connect with tgt ticket
and many other things like lazagne, dump lsass, request spn… but could not find anything

Need help with PE to user. Got foothold.

do a full port scan

Check local file system. There is a common mistake that can help you to get access to another account.

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Hey there! someone has problems with evil-winrm, I have valid credentials but I can’t access with evil, the port is open so i do not what is the problem

Finally rooted

i am stuck at last ,i have imported ticket successfully but not able to read root flag.

did you get admin shell?

nope , i just forge the admin and converted the file , and asktgt
that says successfully imported
do i need to runas admin?

Can you send me a hint as to what you are talking about?