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lets gooo

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got something from mounted! I dont thing it useful bt i thing we can find some find using digging

It wasn’t that hard to become a user, but to become a root, it would be a struggle.

do you got any idea ?

After calmly thinking about it, rooting was easy.

in the save_game.php file there seems to be a if loop if somehow we are able to bypass it we can become admin I think

Can someone give me tips on how to get admin. After a long search, many methods were filtered

Search the files… you can’t directly change what you want (he clearly blocks you), but there are more variables you can play with in the same form…
at least yesterday worked… HAHAHAHA i cant get in now. ;(


Is it possible that the machine changed overnight? I have bad experiences with this type of problem…

Yesterday I somehow had admin access, but now I can’t reproduce it.

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same here, was it the wrong way and it has been patched?

no changelog so far

The box changing again convo has literally put me off playing after the zipping escapade tbh.
Why do this and not notify players who might go to bed and get up thinking “right I’ve got this”.


So, i will repeat the question. Because i achieve SQLi and XSS, but don’t know how to proceed. Am I on the right path? Ty


Great machine, learn a lot with root privilege escalation.
Good luck everyone

EDIT: As blackveggie, i can’t answer anymore to the PM i received since it’s my first day on the forum, sorry

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Could have gotten it a lot sooner because someone left something behind that would have made it trivial, but that wouldn’t have been fun.

can i dm u about root?


Edit: So since this was my first time using the forum I have now reached the limit of replies I can give on the first day, sorry all.