Official Keeper Discussion

Official discussion thread for Keeper. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

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Good luck everyone!


Well, that was fun.

I must be completely missing the foothold :joy:

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That was a pretty easy machine imo


I think it’s past my bedtime…

I mean, I’d normally say DM me for a nudge, but user is super trivial. You got this.

Rooted!!! First time i reach top 100.



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Stuck at the login page, am I missing something? I don’t see an exploit or anything that would be useful here.

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wow. What is that :joy:

I mean, if you’re really, really stuck, and want a nudge, let me know. But you’re going to very angry with yourself.

Sick of digging the dmp, any nudge?
Is it possible to find something using only strings and grep?

Hey there are somthing closed rigth now for the user… It was the intended path to get the flag?

Should have got online earlier today! XD

Nice and easy machine, right the thing i needed to get my moral up after registryTwo lol.

Hard to give away hints without stripping away the fun, just stick to the simple and obvious stuff.

I feel ya there. RegistryTwo broke me mentally.


Easy machine. It could easily take the place of the easiest machine on HTB in my opinion.

Not bad overall. I wish user was a little more complicated. Root was pretty cool and new to me so lots of messing around on my part. I wasted a lot of time due to aspects unique to a specific language.

The season has been tough so far. Nice to catch a break on this one.

Hey guys if you open a port to download things please close it. I just do it in the intended way

Getting the user was very easy. Root was a bit of a pain, but still easy.

Overall, I would say, don’t think too hard and take advantage of the hints you find along the way.

Rooted:) this machine is very very straightforward, if you pay attention to details you should be good to go! DM if you need a hint.