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This wasn’t hard, it was just very annoying, especially root.
Maybe it wouldn’t have been so annoying if scp didn’t fail me and only copied half of the needed file ;_;

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If you’re looking for the initial foothold, explore. You will find it, click and examine everything.


I think i do find the foothold but can’t get how to use it, can i DM someone ?

I think I’m having the same problem as you, knowing the vulnerability but not knowing how to exploit it

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If I am looking at a dessert am I on the right path?


can someone help a brother out and let me know how they wrote out their hashcat mask to crack the partial password please? My head can only pound on the desk so long.

I’d love to know how to work out a partial. Do I need a Windows VM for katz? pypykatz is not working

Stuck on root for hours. A nudge to find a good way to read a certain file would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

can i get a hint about the root

Where place inside the dashvboard allow you to get reverse shell or server access?

pwned, super straightforward just keep things simple.

Easy login

FFS, use copy and paste :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: an hour wasted on a typo.


How much time did you spend cracking Keepass?


no need to crack

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Not everything needs to be an exploit : )

A bit late to the party, I presume!
Nice box. I had to use both my window system and linux virtual machine to get the job done for the final part to get root.
Pretty simple. Easy yes. Simple too.


  1. For User: Make sure you keep things simple and enumerate the page and try different things with it.
  2. For Root: Try to utilise a windows system alongside, it will make thing much much simpler. Although after achieving User, it is mostly googling, reading and doing!


If you are talking about brute-forcing it, I would advise you to keep it running while you further enumerate the files present to you!

If you have user, then you find a zip.
Google for a recent blog.
Google for a dessert name.
Figure the next steps out.


Need some help for the initial foothold
digged too far cannot see any vuln though :((