I m stuck on the first part of the machine, i found the admin name but i cant download the backup file. What should i do ? or where should i watch?

So you managed to download the backup file but it was corrupted? Try to make the same request using a different method, and don’t forget to append the important details :slight_smile:

can i pm you?

Any tip on initial foothold?

Follow every link you find and examine what they return. View source. View output from curl. Follow everything and play. The initial foothold is the easy bit, it just requires ferocious curiosity about where things go and what they do.

Then again, you could argue the whole of NetSec requires this, so I’m not really saying anything new.

I Got a shell as Tom… Any hint for priv Esc?

Apparently, there are a couple of different methods to get the root flag. The route I used did not require privilege escalation. As usual, enumerate and investigate anything that is different from a “normal” installation.

I must say though, if I hadn’t done Flux Capacitor before this one, I may have found it harder.

(And that is not to say that I found it easy by any means.)

Either which way, well done. You are on the home stretch.

Got it

Hack The Box

i decrypted the backup file but stuck from 2 day don’t know what to do next to get a shell can somebody help me please?

Well played @TheLillo :+1:

@h4x3r - there is all sorts of information in that thing. Whenever you get a file like this, methodically go through it and note down anything that might be of use to you. Then ask yourself how and where it might be useful. Finally, go and test your ideas against the possibilities the box/circumstances offers.

Have you watched Ippsec’s Blocky teardown? Might be of some use to give you some ideas.

Hi all,
Any hints on how to “read” the root.txt ? I retrieved it but opening the file just drive me crazy … .
Thanks :wink:

@bsecure What are your limitations? How do your surpass them? Think about it. The answer is out there in the wild

This backup file is killing me… feel so noob even after getting my OSCP.