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Is this machine so slow or only for me?


It’s very slow.


The escaping part for the foothold is really getting me… Does anyone have any ideas?


anyone got any leads?
I’m able to print one line but nothing else is working.

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Can you give me some hint how you are printing one line?

i can print four or five lines :frowning:

Wow, my first top 25 first blood :slight_smile:

The box is quite simple. Foothold obtained blindly. Need a little fuzzing
Root is simple


I just googled the service and found few injections for it and one of them worked.


I’m not sure, is this a dead-end? Most escaping methods seem to involve metaprogramming, which we can’t do without write permissions…

how , i am able to print just one

Can anyone access the pages? They won’t load for me all of the sudden…

I have tried every injection I could find on google and even a ton of really nutty ones from ChatGPT4, I like everyone else, can only get the one line read to work. What the heck am I missing?

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I figured out how to read out the file and got a username but still stuck on the rest…

Anyone could make the injection read multiple lines or send in a command injection?

maybe check that person’s directory for the ssh? Idk I am not as far as you

Tried that, either access denied or it’s not there…

Am I over thinking the Gen thing or is their something I am missing?

Any hints on how to read whole files ? tried bunch of evading filter techniques for the loop command but to no avail … Am i on the wrong track ?

I basically just codegolfed the one-line thing and repeated it enough that it allowed me to get multiple lines!