Network issue in PwnBox instance

I’m having a Network issue in my PwnBox instance. The network on the PwnBox instance does not let me open any website and shows that it couldn’t establish connection to the server.
I’m non-VIP.

having the same problem

Hi, I had found the reason why this was happening a long time ago. On the PwnBox instance if you are a non-vip you are only allowed to access Github repos. And there are some more websites but they are limited. Meaning if you want access to the whole internet without any restraints you’ll have to be a VIP.
Hope this helps.

Hello. Can you please tell me what websites can I browse with non-vip account ?

I think you can only use the websites which are NEEDED for doing ethical hacking or tasks given by hackthebox, like github repos are allowed but not the official github homepage. If that answers your question. :grinning:

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Adding on to my reply, from my research i dont think htb give a list of allowed and restricted websites. You will have to find out by going to the website and seeing if it loads or not.
I know this seems like an answer you would normally think about but its the only way. Or one could build a type of script to one time curl the website and see for a good response. And thats all i can think about, but there could be either ways to find a list of websites allowed/restricted, however there is no such list, from my research, which contains this info.

Sorry for the long reply.

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yes. I have thought about that the only way is to try the website. However your reply was helpful. Thanks for your time.

No problem :smiley: