Pwnbox Issues

I’ve refrain from setting VMs to work in the machines due to personal concerns, and use PwnBox to do it.
But I’ve been getting weird issues.
Yesterday one instance went down by it self and today It wont start an instance, It just throws a generic “Server error”.

Is anyone else getting error trying to create a PwnBox instance or have experienced generic errors like this?

hey bud, noob here,

sorry for barging in on your post unannounced, but yesterday I found a funny thing about Pwnboxes - I have a made a forum post since I’m not sure how to properly contact HTB without an email…

A buddy of mine confirmed that whatever we were doing was screwing up his generation of VM instances in the pwnbox server that I was using.

Do you think it could be caused by this?

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There’s a link in the pages for contacting support.
Tried yesterday but due to the weekend they took sometime to answer.
Maybe it was something with the specific vpn or server, I resolved opening an instance in the “free” vpn access and server. I was using the VIP one.

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I’m already waiting for support to answer since yesterday, so I guess I wait till Monday.

That being said, I cannot be sure what happened with ya, glad it’s over now.
I replied since when I was initially testing what the bug can do, I asked a buddy to try to use the same pwnbox server I was in - see if it even has impact.

it did have impact, so we will see whatever it even is - if you’re interested in how it works in action, I have saved some vids for evidence, for whenever support answers. We were getting very generic errors during evidence capture.

won’t bug you with my own stuff though, glad you fixed ur problem - in case you wanna know more, I will be waiting for a notif

take care now

P.S. I got a response!!! Just sent them all the proof i have so i think theyll at least know about this.

now truly take care,

They answered me earlier saying the issue was resolved. I tried using the same vpn and It did work.

Saw your post, but could not understand how that happened.
From what I’ve read it generates a doubled screen for pwnbox?
I’ve had misplaced screen in the end of the HTB Academy website, but I always open a full screen tab/windows running the pwnbox. Just like a regular PC screen.

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ohhh its fun,

not just a double screen, it generates and infinte number of screens - the div class responsible for the vm screen just infinitely spawns - it takes up traffic for the pwnbox server, the pwnbox itself and would potentially be an easy way to make a ddos happen since you could easily replicate it

when opening a full screen, you get the same instance in another place - full screen works normally, but it still shows the heavy traffic, so its not just visual clusterbomb.

i can link vids too since they show exactly what happens, its quite a funny find ngl

the way you replicate it is by setting a different location to the pwnbox server as the vm instance spawns, which somehow messes up with the div - it thinks it needs to terminate the instance, but it also knows location is different so it tries to spawn it… i think…

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Is this happening in Labs or Academy?

academy only, i thought about testing the entire HTB roster, but i gave up seeing that it had done actual damage(damage being my buddy not being able to spawn VM’s in the same server I was doing the bug in)