Cannot Spawn PwnBox

Hi all,

New to the forums and HTB in general. Have heard about it and thought I would check it out and for ease of access sign up for the VIP to gain access to the pwnbox. Unfortunately for me, easy is not how I would describe this. I’ve uploaded two png’s but in the event they aren’t visible I have included some additional information. I cannot start pwnbox as I get a no instances error message every time I click it. In addition to that the location is for some reason not populating either. Ping is good, I am showing VIP server options and VPN access and nothing. I have looked through google and came across a couple of reddit posts indicating after an hour it seemed to correct itself but I am past that time threshold now. Any ideas?

Thanks for helping.

I have the same problem since 5pm. It works perfectly usually.
“No instances available”.

I am beginning to wonder if HTB is having issues. Wondering if anyone passes by can either confirm/deny that they have gotten into a pwnbox?

Hi all,

I am seeing similar issues trying to connect to pwnbox. I been trying to connect for the past few hours, and I keep getting error: No instance available, please try in a few minutes.


its working for me now, have you tried it again?

Still not working for me, says No instances available, please try again in a few minutes