MacOS Fundamentals (MacOS Terminal)

Hi guys! Who faced with section “MacOS Terminal”, and the particular task “Read the zsh configuration shown in the section above to find what command is mapped to ‘ll’. Submit the command as the answer”. I tried various answers for alias “ll” like “ls-l”, “ls-la”, and others, but they were not correct. Maybe somebody can point path for answer.

Module summary

“…the module may require basic terminal usage, mostly covered in the Linux Fundamentals module, so we recommend doing that module before this one.”
This might help

I have already studied it. There were no information about alias “ll” for macOS.

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The problem has been solved. The answer is in the module. There was a problem with space.


I put the command “ll”, however it says incorrect. Can you guide me to correct answer?

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You can see answer in section “ MacOS terminal”. Alias “ll”, be careful with spaces.

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still not getting this im using the same as what they show , im curious as too what you mean by spaces

Hi, there is no space between “ls and -…”