MACOS Fundamentals

Good evening all,

I am completely stumped on the MacOS Fundamentals “Navigating around the OS” module. Can someone help me with this question and point me in the right direction? I have unzipped the files and a folder comes up with nothing in it.

Download the above file and double click on it to unzip it. The extracted folder may appear empty, but in reality it has a hidden file with the flag. Can you find the flag?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @tperr, I don’t have this module but I think if you check out the manual for “ls” and all the different arguments available you’ll find what you need.

Yes lawlesslemon suggest you the solution. The file beginning with . (dot) is a file hidden, for listing this files, you need to use a specific option. Is easy, but also you can see the content of the files directly (When you unzip the archive you can see).