Linux Fundamentals Help

So I’ve just begun the Linux Fundamentals course and while the reading made a good deal of sense I ran into several incredibly frustrating roadblocks with my first interactive module. There were several questions such as:

Which shell is specified for the htb-student user?

That I had literally no idea how to approach or even begin to find. I re-read the sections leading up to the interactive module several times but couldn’t parse any information that appeared relevant to me. Looking up a tutorial it showed the user using the command "cat /etc/passwd but I have no idea why he would have known to look here or what prompted him to use the cat command… or frankly what the cat command even is as that was never explained. I did check the cheat sheet and found the description “Concatenate and print files” but concatenate? Never heard of the word prior to reading that.

I apologize in advanced for my lack of experience but I’m eager to learn and want to ensure I’m getting the most out of my experience, rather than relying on copying individuals who solved the problem for me.

Could anyone provide some guidance here or break down how I should have tackled this issue?


For this question, I don’t believe they actually intended you to use the cat command to find it. Try that question again, but use the env command to dump the environment onto the screen.

Your work around with /etc/passwd is good and you should remember that it can be found there in the future. In my experience, Linux is best learned by repetition and practice. I found it useful to make it my main OS for a little while in order to force myself to use it.

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