What is the path to htb-student's home directory?

  1. Find out the machine hardware name and submit it as the answer.
    Type: uname -m
    Answer : x86_64

  2. What is the path to htb-student’s home directory?
    Type: cat /home/htb-student
    Answer : /home/htb-student

  3. What is the path to the htb-students mail?
    Type: cat /var/mail/htb-student
    Answer : /var/mail/htb-student

  4. Which shell is specified for the htb-student user?
    Type: cat /bin/bash
    Answer : /bin/bash

I hop this help. If you have any question, please let me know. :grinning:

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Rookie here… I don’t know what I’m doing wrong
I’m keep on getting this return “/usr/bin/cat: /home/htb-student: No such file or directory”


thank you ,it helped!

what exactly is cat?

The top answer here is troll. The answer is in the documentation/article before you begin the lab. Type env in the command line.

Hi, noob here. I’m aware that /home/htb-student is the correct answer, but I’m confused as to why it isn’t /home/htb-ac-1129979 when that’s the answer that comes up following PATH= as a result of the env command. I also got the same answer using the echo $HOME command. Can anyone explain how I was supposed to know that? Not trying to be lazy, genuinely wanting to know, going through the previous sections and not seeing an explanation (that I understand at least)! Thanks in advance

UPDATE: I simply forgot to do the SSH login using the target IP and login offered, which I see was the first step. I’ll leave my comment up for other idiots like me! <3

This video helped a ton! Hack the box academy : Linux Fundamentals (youtube.com)

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it acutally means reading the text of the file

the Linux command concatenate, or cat for short. The usage is cat [option] [filename]. It prints out the contents of the file in text form. I hope this helped. Hey maybe you could help me. I am stuck on the “What is the proof text displayed in the target website you browsed?” No matter what I do from my PwnBox instance, I can not get Firefox to load the website for me, so therefore I do not have the ability to answer this question on my own. Please help me with the answer if you can please. I would appreciate it very much. Thanks :slight_smile: