Machines question

So, today i joined hack the box because i decided to learn how to hack.
I looked arround the web and finally decided to test out some machines.
I joined one of them and it shows the IP, but i need the user and password.
If your can find it i’m an absolute idiot.
Hope someone can help me.

Can you tell me which machine you joined?

Also, this appears every time i try to netcat any machine ip.

I’m trying to hack “Horizontall”.

I think i have to connect to the vpn, but I don’t know how to do that too.

You need to download your VPN connection file. In the right corner “Connect to HTB”. Then connect to the VPN with:

sudo openvpn lab_jam.ovpn

Is it also avaiable for windows?

Ye, you can install OpenVPN client and connect.

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Okay, but is it better to use openvpn is a virtual machine? Example: Kali linux.
I think its much easier downloading it on the command line.

Depends on what are you going to use for hacking. It is always better to have everything on a VM so you have your personal stuff separated from the hacking one and it is less accesible when you are connected to Hackthebox VPN.

Alr, thank you!

Its better to use Kali Linux or ParrotOS as they have a lot of in built packages and software that are important for hacking. It is better to make a VM for those.

I also have an issue in starting point where when i press: Spawn machine, it displays this message at the bottom: you must stop your active machine before spawning another one. Can you also help me on this?

Yes you have to be connected the the VPN in order to access the machines. You will run into this with nmap later on but the answer to that issue is in the response -Pn will try harder. When in doubt consult the man pages! Man pages give you a lot of information.

Look through the machines for any that say active. You can only run one machine at a time.