Cant scan machines

hey ppl,

i could use your help please.

when i’m starting a new machine everything is just fine, when i try to scan it’s just dosent work, i cant ping and cant see if there any website on that ip.
my vpn is working and when i’m testing the starting point it’s working just fine.
the other machines i just cant scan or ping…
please do help

thanks in advance.

HackTheBox uses different VPN files for different boxes. Are you sure you are using the correct VPN for the box you are trying to reach?

that’s must be it …
how to i change the vpn for the correct box i am using ?

Inside the HTB interface. On the top-right there is a “Connect to HTB” option. Click on that and select the VPN that is relevant for what you are trying to access.

Thank you so much mate !
You’ve been a great help !