LORE COCO 2020 Open Invitation

Shab Behkeyr,

We have observed your community since 2018. Your collective and individual abilities are a valuable asset to many State Actors, Private Organizations, and Business Cartels.

Your community is welcome to an early start to this years rounds of LORE COCO. Research “F2D64AD97033074E” for further details.

Your community hash is: “eh0f57e9”

Some of you may find our exercises easy to navigate. Some of you may find them impossible. The goal is not completion. The exercise is not puzzle solving and hash breaking. The objective is to operate in the open, for processes that are closed.

We look forward to observing your individual and collective endevours. Please remember: OPSEC is a lifestyle.

All are one, there are no pawns, burn the castle, Jianting watches.

Gao Ci,
Saphire Calypso, LMR