LORE COCO 2021 Open Invitation


Your collective and individual abilities continue to be a valuable asset to many State Actors, Private Organizations, and Business Cartels. Quiet skills and hidden langues, no leafs are burnt above your torches. However, you now have many eyes inside your tent. Some eyes look outwards, some look inwards.

LORE COCO 2021 Round One has finished. Your community is now welcome to future rounds. Your community hash is: “015eef72”

Some of you may find the examinations difficult. Some of you may have the answers already. Myriad Historical Endevours, reach out to those before you. The milestone is not far. There are no pressed words. The objective is to operate in the open, for processes that are closed.

All are one, there are no pawns, burn the castle, Jianting watches.

Khoda Hafez,