Looking for the mentor and the guidance of wisdom

Hi Everyone,

I am new in the pen-testing. I am looking for somebody to guide me, but not to give me ready-made solutions. I have tried self-studying, but studying without the mentor is time-consuming and ineffective.
Please, if there is anyone who wants to have an impact on my learning curve showing me the right path, please contact me on priv.

read, think, ask and you will find mates and maybe a mentor

@peek said:
read, think, ask and you will find mates and maybe a mentor
Thanks. DO my best researching, trying solutions, faceplanting, rising again, faceplanting … Best way to learn.

I have less time to help newbies, there are beginner groups with discord somewhere on this forum. Practice challenges on root-me and watch ippsec videos, read writeups and write your own walkthroughs, do CTFs
to be short there are 3 parts

  1. enumeration
  2. exploitation
  3. priv esc

Ask the Top 50 Hall of Fame Players. Frame your questions carefully to demonstrate that you have put in effort to solve the box/challenge but got stuck somewhere. I’m sure they are more than willing to give you a nudge without spoiling your fun in learning.