Junior pen testing , expectations , advantages inconvenients

hi everyone :

i’m a 30’s man who always worked manually to afford his life (hard hand work , selling fruits and vegetables,working in supermarkets, and so on) , however during the covid period , i lost my job and my income , I signed up in a normal and easy bachelor degree based only on certifications, such as CCNP , CEH , Microsoft Certified Professional , vmware , cloud computing and alot of other subjects , i got my bachelor degree in 2019 , and this year got my master degree on the same fields .

trying to apply for different jobs in the market, i sent offers to all the specilizations , cloud computing , pen tesing , network security , windows administration , and so on , and sent also my C.V to full stack development compagnies (even if i didn’t studied it before) , however i was called and hired by only a pen tesing compagny , who gave me the opportunity for an internship , with 2 goals learning and being motivated .

to be honest , the pentesting was the job the least expected , i was expecting more to be hired as a windows admin , linux admin , network security , devops , vmware and cloud computing etc (who didn’t call me ) . that is why i’m here , i have some questions about the field , should i learn the max of cyberattacks ? what are the areas that i should look at the most , pen testing on :applications , windows server , networking ? can someone explain how is the work , what are the advantages , the inconvenients ? does it have more opporunities in the future ? what are the fields that are related to
the job , that i can learn and apply for in the future ? finally , i would be thankful and grateful to anyone who answer my questions , and also i’m ready to afford any job , with the goal to have again an income .

                                                         kind regards

Hi there! In my case, I started working as a junior pentester two months ago, and I can tell you it might depend on your company. In my case, I’m in charged of projects about web pentesting, so I’m just learning as much as I can about this specific field. If people from my job moves me to a different kind of pentest, then I’ll push those skills I’ll need to succed by then.

When you start out I would learn as much as possible (pentesting is such a broad area) but helpdesk and admin jobs might be more plenty and maybe (if your looking for job security and a job which might not need having the most ‘full’ CV) ) the best. They do give you lot’s of experience and knowledge to build upon.