Job interview help!

hey all, maybe a slightly odd topic/question…
i’ve just had my CV accepted from a sift to go for an interview for a cyber security (defensive) based role.

as part of the interview I am required to give a brief (8-10 mins) presentation on a “cyber incident”; to include technical details, impact & how it could of been avoided. I’m thinking of doing mine on the wanacry ransomware attack on the NHS last year. obviously i know there’ a plethora of articles out there for me to trawl through but i was wondering if any of you bright minded individuals had any interesting facts regarding this attack or just any kind of input in general regarding the presentation on how i could make it interesting/unique.

additionally, the interview part will delve into topics such as general data comms, networking and pentesting/digital forensics.

what sort of questions could i expect to be ask on that front?



how’d the interview go buddy?

It sounds like you’re preparing for a cyber security interview and need to give a presentation on a “cyber incident”. The WannaCry ransomware attack on the NHS is a good incident to use for your presentation. Research the technical details, impact, and steps that could have been taken to prevent the attack. Additionally, you can add interesting facts or statistics to make your presentation more engaging. Expect to be asked about topics such as network protocols, hacking methods, and penetration testing. Check out for job application services and tips on how to stand out in the interview. Good luck!