How to get a job into Cyber Security

Hi Guys

So I just want some advice on how to break into a Cyber Security job. I come from a 2nd/3rd line support background and am currently doing hack the box course. I have finished of 9 modules so far.

I finished my job last month and have saved up about 5 months of wages to see me through so i can spend full time trying to get through hack the box modules.

Just wondering shall i finish hack the box then look for a person that is working in cyber secuirty and shadow him to get some experience in pentesting or while i am doing hack the box in the evenings find a pen testing guy so i can do some work just to get the experince.

If there is someone that is doing pentesting/bug bounty as a job already and can give me some advice that would be great.

Many Thanks


Linkedin is your best tool! Share all about you know, you achivements, goals, certificates, machines you’ve already rooted, etc. Some recruitres may know you by your posts and always keep a good and updated profile (with a decent description, title, previous ou current experience, courses and certifications)