Cyber Security Jobs Scenario(INDIA or Abroad)

Sorry for this long question …but it’s about my future in infosec…
i want to know how easy or hard is it land your first job in infosec if i have a rank of say GURU or above that.i have decent programming knowledge of python.

i am from india and i need to find a job instantly to survive and pursue my career in this field or perhaps i may have to switch myself in order to survive.Can someone from india describe the job scenario in this field.

Also i would request members from other countries to tell me how to find a job without investing much,because i don’t have that much of money to visit and appear for interview in other countries.

I am from India, and probably just where you are and i dont think indians get paid highly for this kind of stuff 35-40k at max i guess. I dont plan on staying here for too long and if possible you should move out yourself.

But the problem is how to move from here . That’s not an easy task when you are from a middle class family.It even harder to pursue your future in this field unless you are extraordinary…

Then you train to be extraordinary. Get a few certs like oscp etc. Get a loan or try to ask for help from family. Kickstarter it out or something to raise capital. May be start your own classes to make some money in the weekends.

would OSCP land me a good job in the West?

Type your comment> @shellroot said:

would OSCP land me a good job in the West?

■■■■ yeah!

@hansraj47 thanks expected i got no reply from indian’s as usual.
Do you have any idea about OSCP job scenario in india? or its just prediction form your side?

Not just in India, globally people are in need of cyber security, really badly. The number of ransomware attacks just keeps adding. There is always a security flaw hiding somewhere that someone hasnt noticed, whether its web apps or binaries or whatever. My cousin’s brother-in-law makes 100k a month as a computer forensics expert in Ernst and Young. He spend 4 years there to make the money he makes. There is hope.

I am from India.

In India, landing your first job in information security (infosec) with a GURU rank or above can be challenging but possible with strong Python skills, security professionals may get hired by certain certification like .